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In today’s competitive marketplace, personal interactions matter.   Self confidence, wardrobe, communication, and presentation can make or break a relationship.  Verbal and non-verbal signals can either convey confidence or insecurity. 

Sense of Etiquette was created to assist individuals, groups, corporate, government and educational institutions that enhances the confidence of children, teens, young adults and adults to present a confident and courteous image.​

One of our goals is to assist companies and business leaders in building a workforce that presents a confident and professional image. You have a reputation to uphold, and we can help.​

Founder & President

Barbara Gaines holds a dual certification in Corporate and Children’s Etiquette from the prestigious American School of Protocol (Atlanta, GA). She believes in the power of proper etiquette training to enhance business relationship and provide tools for children and young adults for life.

She launched Sense of Etiquette to help individuals and corporations become more successful in mastering personal relationships. Sense of Etiquette provides comprehensive etiquette instruction necessary to build finely tuned personal and professional relationships. Participants learn to present themselves with confidence and create a long lasting and positive impression.

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